No blog updates in a billion years. I'm alive. :P

Lots of stuff going on, nothing blog worthy. :)

Consider the site in maintenance mode for now.

New Server For Personal Website

Just moved and my other playground toys over to a new VPS.

RamNode | High Performance SSD VPS

So far so good. Very reasonably priced -- and some nice futures.

* Data Center Located In The Netherlands, But Accepts USD
* Default/Native IPv6
* Full control over the reverse DNS (PTR) without having to submit a ticket, or otherwise.
* Dozens of install images to choose from (Centos, Fedora, Ubuntu, and other niche distributions)


EL 6.5

And RedHat Enterprise Linux plugs along with the release of 6.5 and adds some much needed features.

"RedHat EL 6.5 Release Notes"

Two very notable things...

RedHat has updated openssl which now allows for TLS 1.2 in Apache and other SSL capable daemons. Woohoo (and it's about time). Most browsers had mitigated the BEAST issue, but this helps.



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