Linux KVM Improvements

Yeehaw! One of the biggest concerns I've had with Linux KVM (qemu-whatever-whatever) was the some of the latency in disk and network I/O. But in EL 6.4 and I imagine some of the updates to EL 6.3 there have been some remarkable improvements. I don't have any benchmarks for you all, this is more of a 'it just feels sexier' moment.

Yes, I said sexier.. god dammit, I need more of a social life, eh?


I thought you knew..

Sorry I called you stupid, I thought you knew..


Clearing Cached RAM In Linux

As most of you already know, when you look at your memory statistics in Linux, much of your RAM is 'cached'. This is normal and a behavior that enhances the overall performance of your system. But sometimes for the sake of OCD, you may want to flush your system's memory cache to get a better perspective of what's /really/ 'free'.


Tunnelbroker IPv6 rDNS Delegation

I've never setup IPv6 rDNS (PTR entries) before.. so I thought I'd briefly share what I did.

First I had to tell who to delegate the rDNS to.. so I set it to my two DNS instances.

rDNS Delegation



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