Another obligatory blog post...

Haven't posted in awhile. I'm still alive. Just ran through a bunch of Drupal updates.. so I'm sure I broke something. Been studying for the RHCE, I know most of the material, I just need to focus on some of the finer points, especially SELinux.

Hope everyone is doing well..

F/OSS Fanatic Gets An iPad2

Update 1

Through the act of an extremely generous and thoughtful gift, I am now the proud (yes, proud) owner of an iPad2. As a matter of course, most of you that know me on a geek-level know it's very unlikely I'd ever buy an Apple product. Despite my differences with Apple and Mr. Steve Jobs over the years, I've never denied their innovation and brilliance in seeming to know exactly what the public wants. Well, call me Mr. Joe Public.


Occupy Denver

I just spent my first full evening among the Occupy Denver folks.. A few observations on my part..

- There are probably 2 police officers for every actual protester, it's an absurd overreaction on the DPD's part. The brutality today was completely unnecessary. It only enraged me even more.. they're inciting violence, really.


Obligatory blog post.

Still alive. Life is pretty good right now. Enjoyable job, loyal & fun friends.. content (for now). ;)

Pretty sympathetic to this whole Occupy movement.. hoping it leads to something positive.

Jeff plays with Google Web Fonts..

Just messin' with Google's Web Fonts. - Drupal Module for easy integration.



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