The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

Just some babbling...


Mobile Phone VoiceMail Hacking

First, after a quick Google search, I realize I'm the last person in the industry to know this was possible, but I figured I'd share what I discovered a few moments ago nevertheless.


Using Fldigi To Listen To Digital Signals Via A Remote Stream

A friend of mine used to listen to digital modes via my HF radio stream. The way he accomplished this was by simply looping soundcard output back into another soundcard. That process always bugged me because it seemed like a perfectly good waste of a soundcard. :) So I came up with this... These instructions presume you're running Linux, have Fldigi and mpg321/123 installed.


"Hey dude, can I hide in your back yard, I'm running from the cops?..."

Umm, so yeah, yesterday evening was interesting, to say the least.

About an hour after my family had left my home after I had hosted Easter dinner, my roomate was out back smoking a cigarette. He runs inside and tells me to "turn on the scanner, someone just asked me they could hide in our back yard because he's running from the cops".


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