Random Thoughts


No blog updates in a billion years. I'm alive. :P

Lots of stuff going on, nothing blog worthy. :)

Consider the site in maintenance mode for now.

Another obligatory blog post...

Haven't posted in awhile. I'm still alive. Just ran through a bunch of Drupal updates.. so I'm sure I broke something. Been studying for the RHCE, I know most of the material, I just need to focus on some of the finer points, especially SELinux.

Hope everyone is doing well..

Obligatory blog post.

Still alive. Life is pretty good right now. Enjoyable job, loyal & fun friends.. content (for now). ;)

Pretty sympathetic to this whole Occupy movement.. hoping it leads to something positive.


Restless, nothing to do.

Changed the theme on my blog, turned off a bunch of stuff I wasn't using.

Things of interest..

-The rise and fall of Centos?

"Hey dude, can I hide in your back yard, I'm running from the cops?..."

Umm, so yeah, yesterday evening was interesting, to say the least.

About an hour after my family had left my home after I had hosted Easter dinner, my roomate was out back smoking a cigarette. He runs inside and tells me to "turn on the scanner, someone just asked me they could hide in our back yard because he's running from the cops".

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